Join The Team!

Our work is at the intersection of statistical inference, recurrent neural networks, control theory, and neuroscience. We are always looking for group members who are motivated to work on computational techniques in a collaborative environment. Knowledge of neuroscience is welcome, but not a necessary pre-requisite.

Graduate Students

If you are an incoming ECE graduate student at University of Florida (PhD or Masters) interested in learning more about our work, please write to me directly. I am affiliated with the Warren B. Nelms Insititute for the Connected World, NIMET (Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering Technology), and the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases.

Undergraduate Students‚Äč

I enjoy working with and mentoring undergraduate students who are interested in research. If you are a UF undergraduate in ECE / BME / CISE / Math / Neuroscience, please write to me if you wish to discuss research opportunities.

Contact me at shreya.saxena_at_ufl_dot_edu